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Welcome to BikYasa Yoga Training, where yoga transcends poses to become a fusion of ancient wisdom, modern energy, and the science of effective teaching. Created by Gabriel (GabeYoga), an expert in Yoga, Thai Massage, and Wellness.

BikYasa Yoga uniquely blends Hot 26 Yoga, Vinyasa principles, rhythmic modern music, and the power of intentional language.

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BikYasa Yoga: Fusion of Hot Flow Yoga & Modern Music

1. 🔥 Hot 26 Yoga Meets VinYasa Flow

Experience the precision of Hot 26 Yoga seamlessly merging with the dynamic flow of Vinyasa. BikYasa Yoga is about intentional connections between each movement and breath, creating a symphony of body and breath for a holistic practice.

"Witness the harmonious marriage of tradition and flow as you embark on a transformative journey through the sacred Hot 26 poses guided by the fluidity of VinYasa Yoga." 🕉️

2. 🎶 The Power of Music and Silence

Music is the heartbeat of BikYasa Yoga. Immerse yourself in top 40 tunes carefully curated to enhance specific flows. BikYasa also values intentional silence, where you find your inner voice and strength. Together, music and silence create a dynamic rhythm that elevates your practice.

"Feel the pulse of your practice with the rhythm of modern beats and the transformative power of intentional silence, a dance where movement and stillness intertwine." 🎵

3. 🗣️ Unlock the Science of Language in Teaching

BikYasa Yoga is a masterclass in effective teaching. Learn the science-backed art of communication, using words and phrases that build trust, ignite action, and synchronize a group. BikYasa teachers lead with words that resonate deeply within the collective consciousness.

"Step into the realm of transformative teaching. Understand the scientific magic behind words that create unity, trust, and synchronized movement in a group setting." 🧘‍♂️

"BikYasa Yoga - where tradition meets transformation, and every yoga class is a dance of body, breath, and the limitless possibilities within."
Gabe Yoga

Harmonizing Tradition and Flow

Uncover the secrets of Hot 26 poses and the fluid grace of VinYasa. Dive into the philosophy of balance and unity that defines BikYasa yoga. Learn to speak the language of movement, connecting tradition with the vibrant energy of flow.

"BikYasa Yoga is a journey of balance, unity, and the seamless integration of tradition and flow. Discover the profound art of guiding bodies through intentional movement." 

Music as Your Guiding Force

Delve into the world of music in BikYasa Yoga. Understand the strategic use of top 40 tunes to amplify energy and intentional silence to cultivate inner strength. Learn the art of creating a symphony that syncs with the flow of each pose.

"Craft your sonic journey. Feel the beats, embrace the silence, and let the music become the heartbeat of your BikYasa Yoga practice." 

The Language of Unity

Unlock the secrets of powerful language in teaching. Explore the science behind words that build trust, create action, and unify a group. Learn the BikYasa Yoga way of teaching, where every word is a step toward a collective experience.

"Language is the bridge to unity. Dive into the art of speaking words that resonate, creating a shared experience of transformation."

Unlock Your Transformation: Limited Time Offer

Original Price: $997

Special Limited Offer: $797

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  • Comprehensive training modules curated by GabeYoga.
  • A complete digital library for continuous reference.
  • Certificate of Completion and 50 Yoga Alliance CEU Credits.
  • Bonus Bundle: Access to exclusive content valued at over $400.



Note: This offer is valid for a limited time. Seize the opportunity to embark on a transformative yoga journey with BikYasa Yoga Training.

Embrace BikYasa: Your Journey to Transformation Starts Now!

Immerse yourself in the wisdom of BikYasa Yoga and embark on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment. Join a global community of passionate yogis and elevate your practice and teaching to new heights. BikYasa Yoga is not just a yoga style; it's a philosophy of life—let the transformation begin!

"BikYasa -Yoga  where every pose is a step towards self-discovery and every breath is an affirmation of your inner strength."

BikYasa Yoga is not just a sequence of poses; it's a universal posture realignment system that transcends the boundaries of traditional yoga.

Here's why you should dive into the BikYasa Yoga universe:

Heal Your Body, Mind, and Spirit

BikYasa Yoga is more just a physical workout; it's a therapeutic experience that rejuvenates your body, clears your mind, and invigorates your spirit. The intentional choreography of poses addresses anatomical movement in specific planes, following the Law of Biomechanics.

"Experience the profound healing that happens when your body moves in harmony with your breath, guided by the wisdom of BikYasa yoga." 🌬️

🚀 Confidence, Clarity, and Joyful Teaching

Unlock the secrets of confident and clear yoga teaching. Graduates of BikYasa Yoga don't just learn a sequence; they become skilled communicators, capable of guiding students with words rather than just demonstrating poses. Imagine walking into any large group class and confidently leading from the front, empowered by your voice.

"In BikYasa Yoga, teaching is an art of communication. Gain the skills to make every class an inspiring and joyful experience." 🎤

🌐 Versatility Beyond Boundaries

BikYasa Yoga is more than a yoga style; it's a mindset. Graduates seamlessly weave VinYasa principles into any class, understanding the emotional responses to music beats. This versatility empowers teachers to adapt to various yoga styles, expanding their influence and opportunities.

"Become a yoga teacher with the ability to flow seamlessly through different styles, leaving a lasting impact wherever you teach." 🌍

What Awaits You in the BikYasa Yoga Teacher Training Program?

🎓 Module 1: Understanding BikYasa Yoga

Delve into the philosophy of BikYasa Yoga. Master unity and repetition to create a harmonious experience, understanding the purpose behind every movement. 'BikYasa Yoga embodies balance, unity, and the simplicity of movement.'

"BikYasa Yoga is a balance, a unity, and a journey into the simplicity of movement and the power of repetition." 

🚀 Module 2: The Art of Teaching

Learn what defines a great yoga teacher beyond poses. Master holding space and creating harmony, using every moment, even water breaks, as tools for control and empowerment. 'Elevate beyond words and poses; create an empowering yoga space.'

"Move beyond words and poses; learn the art of creating a harmonious and empowering yoga space." 🌊

🌟 Module 3: Expressive Body Language

Unlock the power of body language, inspired by Amy Cuddy's TED talk.
Embrace 'Fake it till you make it' and teach with confidence. 'Your body communicates louder than words.
Master the language of confidence and relaxation.'

"Your body speaks louder than words. Learn the language that inspires confidence and relaxation." 🗣️

🎵 Module 4: Music in BikYasa

Learn the intentional integration of music, silence, heat, and flow in BikYasa Yoga.
Create a musical journey that enhances the practice, from background tunes to dynamic flows. 'Let rhythm guide your practice. Harness the power of music in sync with your movements.'

"Let the rhythm guide your practice. Experience the power of music in synchrony with your movements." 🎶

🚀 Module 5: Empower Others - Go Out and Teach

Step into your power as a teacher. Practice and refine your teaching skills with guidance on impactful class conduction and developing your unique style. 'Teaching transcends poses; it’s about empowerment. Inspire others on their yoga journey.'

"Teaching is not just about poses; it's about empowerment. Go out and inspire others on their yoga journey." 🌟

This course provides 50 credits towards Yoga Alliance Continued Education requirements

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Who is this for?

BikYasa Yoga Teacher Training is crafted for individuals passionate about yoga and aspiring to become adept yoga instructors. It's designed for:

  1. Yoga Enthusiasts: Those with a love for yoga seeking a comprehensive training program to deepen their practice and share the benefits of yoga with others.

  2. Current Yoga Instructors: Existing yoga teachers from various styles interested in expanding their teaching repertoire, especially in the Hot Yoga World.

  3. Fitness Professionals: Individuals in the fitness industry eager to integrate a popular Yoga-Fitness class to their training programs.

  4. Health and Wellness Practitioners: Professionals in the health and wellness domain aiming to incorporate yoga into their practices for a more comprehensive approach to well-being.

  5. Anyone Seeking Personal Growth: Individuals desiring personal growth, self-discovery, and a profound understanding of yoga beyond the physical postures.

No matter your background or experience level, if you're driven to explore the art and science of yoga teaching with a focus on BikYasa Yoga, this training is tailored to empower and guide you on this transformative journey.

About Your Teacher: GabeYoga

GabeYoga is a seasoned yoga instructor who brought the first Absolute Hot Yoga Teacher Training to Thailand in 2007, and he created BikYasa Yoga in 2013 as response to the growing trend of mixing Hot Yoga with Modern Music in Phoenix, Arizona.

Gabe brings a wealth of experience, wisdom, and a passion for empowering both teachers and students.

Visionary Creator: Gabe is more than just a Yoga teacher; he's the visionary creator behind BikYasa  Yoga. With a profound understanding of yoga's healing power, he conceptualized BikYasa as a harmonious blend of the Hot 26 principles and Vinyasa flow, set to the rhythm of modern music & silence.

Innovator in Yoga Education: Gabe is at the forefront of yoga education, constantly pushing boundaries and challenging traditional approaches. His innovative teaching methods, rooted in simplicity and repetition, create a unique learning environment where unity and connection thrive.

Passionate Healer: Beyond the postures and sequences, Gabe is a passionate healer. His dedication to the well-being of his students led him to develop BikYasa Yoga with a focus on healing, both physically and mentally. Witness the transformative power of yoga under the guidance of a true healer.

Wordsmith and Motivator: Gabe's teaching style is more than just physical guidance; it's a linguistic art. Through carefully crafted words and motivational cues, he empowers students to move beyond the limitations of the mind, fostering a mind-body connection that extends beyond the yoga mat.

Global Impact: Gabe's impact extends globally, with BikYasa being embraced in various countries and states. His teachings resonate with a diverse audience, making yoga accessible and enjoyable for practitioners around the world.

Step into a space where innovation meets tradition, where the art of teaching is a compassionate dialogue between the teacher and the student.

Your BikYasa Yoga journey is about to unfold. Are you ready to transform?

"There is No 'Right or Wrong' in Yoga - only 'Right and Left' - lift your left leg up."
BikYasa Dialogue

Unlock Your Transformation: Limited Time Offer

Original Price: $997

Special Limited Offer: $797

✨ Enroll Now and Receive: ✨

  • Comprehensive training modules curated by GabeYoga.
  • A complete digital library for continuous reference.
  • Certificate of Completion and 50 Yoga Alliance CEU Credits.
  • Bonus Bundle: Access to exclusive content valued at over $400.



Note: This offer is valid for a limited time. Seize the opportunity to embark on a transformative yoga journey with BikYasa Yoga Training.

Earn 50 Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Credits

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Embark on a transformative journey with BikYasa Yoga Online Teacher Training, go beyond honing your teaching skills but also earning a remarkable 50 Yoga Alliance Continuing Education credits. This program is designed not just to instruct but to inspire, ensuring that every module contributes significantly to your professional development.

Unlock an Exclusive Bonus Bundle

Limited Time Offer: Enroll in the empowering BikYasa Yoga Teacher Training and gain access to an exclusive bonus bundle curated by GabeYoga himself. This comprehensive bonus package, valued at OVER $500, will enrich your learning experience and deepen your understanding of yoga.

Bonus #1

Advanced BikYasa Course:

Unlock the secrets of incorporating handstands and arm balances into the BikYasa skeleton. This advanced course, personally crafted by GabeYoga, takes your practice to new heights and adds dynamic elements to your teaching repertoire.

Bonus #2

BikYin Yoga Class:

Immerse yourself in the harmonious fusion of BikYasa and Yin Yoga. This bonus class offers new perspectives and insights, enriching your understanding of the dynamic interplay between strength and stillness.

Bonus #3

BikYasa Yoga Sequence Cards:

A comprehensive set of flash cards detailing the precise sequence of BikYasa Yoga poses & sequences, as well as Yin Yoga Poses and sequence cards.This handy companion, providing visual aids that reinforce your knowledge and ensure you master the intricacies of both BikYasa and Yin Yoga.
Enrich your learning journey and empower your teaching with these exclusive flash cards.

Bonus #4

Elevate Your Teaching with Handson Adjustment!

Dive deep into the art of adjustment in BikYasa Yoga and across various yoga styles with our live video guide. This bonus resource goes beyond the basics, offering a holistic approach that includes live demonstrations, valuable tips, and interactive student engagement.

EXCLUSIVE to Participants

Unlock Exclusive Retreat Discounts for a Yoga Getaway in Thailand!

Embark on a transformative yoga journey with an exciting bonus from the BikYasa Yoga Teacher Training Course – exclusive discounts for retreats or boot camps at the picturesque Khanom Yoga Retreat Center in Thailand.

Unlock the World of BikYasa Yoga: Your Ultimate Training Experience!

Embark on a transformative journey with the comprehensive BikYasa Yoga Teacher Training Program. Here's what's waiting for you:

🎓 Live Video Immersion with GabeYoga: Over 25 Hours of Training

Immerse yourself in the wisdom of GabeYoga through extensive live video lectures recorded during dynamic training sessions. With over 25 hours of content, you'll delve deep into the philosophy, techniques, and intricacies of BikYasa Yoga.

BikYasa Music Program: Enhance Your Flow with Harmonious Tunes

Access curated music folders that perfectly synchronize with the BikYasa Yoga program. Elevate your teaching and practice by infusing modern, top 40 music into your classes. Create an atmosphere of unity, energy, and mindfulness through the power of music.

Complete Dialogue for 80 and 60 Minute Classes: Your Script to Success

Empower yourself with the full dialogue for both 80 and 60-minute BikYasa Yoga classes. Perfectly crafted by GabeYoga, these scripts are your essential guide to seamlessly guide students through the transformative BikYasa Yoga sequence.

🎥 BikYasa Yoga Live Class Videos: Visualize and Internalize

Witness the magic of BikYasa Yoga in action with live 80 and 60-minute class videos. Watch, learn, and internalize the art of teaching as you observe GabeYoga conducting these classes. It's like having your mentor right in the room with you.

📚 Flash Cards and Full Poster: Reinforce Your Knowledge

Solidify your understanding of the BikYasa Yoga sequence with handy flash cards and a full poster outlining the entire class. These visual aids serve as quick references, ensuring you always stay on track and deliver a cohesive and impactful class.

Bonus Resources to Supercharge Your Training:

  1. Advanced BikYasa Yoga Course: Elevate your skills with advanced techniques, including handstands and arm balances woven into the BikYasa skeleton.

  2. BikYin Yoga Class: Experience the fusion of BikYasa and Yin Yoga in a transformative class that provides new insights and perspectives.

  3. Live Adjustment in BikYasa Yoga: Gain practical insights into live adjustments with real-time demonstrations, valuable tips, and interactive student engagement.

  4. Exclusive Retreat Discounts: Enjoy exclusive discounts for retreats and boot camps at Khanom Yoga Retreat Center in Thailand.

🔥 Total Course Value: Priceless Insights and Transformative Wisdom

Now, seize the opportunity to enroll in the BikYasa Yoga Teacher Training Program, unlocking a wealth of knowledge valued beyond measure. Your investment today brings you one step closer to becoming a skilled and confident BikYasa Yoga instructor.

🌟 Enroll Now and Embrace Your Journey with BikYasa Yoga!

 Total course value: $997
Special Limited Offer: $797

Unlock the Potential of BikYasa Yoga: Embrace Transformation!

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