Khanom Waterfall Hikes  

Over a course of 2 years, Khanom Yoga has explored the entire region and has mapped out 5 accessible to all levels (from beginner to advanced hiker) Waterfall Hikes.

These hikes are about swimming in Khanom Waterfalls.

Available for private booking, or join us on Sunday’s at 9am (please confirm by sending a message AT LEAST 24hours in advance)

Cost: 300baht per person, 1000baht for groups/families of 4 or more.

Meet at Khanom Yoga. If you need transport please contact us 24 hours in advanced for options. You can also call 063-591-0802 (if you need to send WhatsApp message please send it to +66-063-020-6242)

Khanom’s 5 waterfall hikes are (click on name for google map locations, though we encourage you to call us to learn the actual hike loops):

Samet Chun – Khanom’s best known waterfall. With a pool accessible from the road, the upper waterfall is often hiked along the road. Join Khanom Yoga and discover the forest trail and how to hike up the main cliff rock (for advanced hikers – all levels can enjoy the main cliff view).
An open loop trail (we take one trail up, and a different trail back). Incredible views out toward the ocean.

Hin Lat – Khanom’s second well-known waterfall. Again, easily enjoyed just from the side of the road. Enjoy the bigger waterfalls up along the river, with an open loop trail (take one trail up, and a different trail getting back). Gorgeous mountain and river views.

Ta Noi – This rather unknown waterfall has 3 different main ‘heads’ and 3 different hike loops.
One of Khanom Yoga favorite hikes. Stunning waterfall views during rainy season.

Area-11 Mountain side – this closed loop (same trail up, same trial down) is a true hike. 45 minutes up a mountain trail, arriving to a cliff drop with a river flowing during rainy season. Gorgeous views, with camping spots through Area-11. Hike the trail with Khanom Yoga and get help with selfies.

Khao Plai Dam – This waterfall is closer to the bigger town Sichon, but offers gorgeous drive along the new beach road in order to get to. With 2 super accessible and easy hikes, as well as 1 complete Open Loop hike around the park. Adventure hikers can challenge themselves and walk down the river rocks.

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Hikes Include

+ Local knowledge

+ Transport available 

+  Photos and videos

+ Yoga and Meditation




Sunday 9am (or by appointment)

Join us for Waterfall Hike

  • Safe Guide 
  • Help with pictures and videos

  • Insight into local knowledge

  • 1-1.5 hours hike

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Khanom Beach is Thailand's Secret Paradise

Come discover Khanom with us.
Khanom Yoga director and program leader, GabeYoga, has been leading retreats and trainings here since 2012.
Gabe has explored annd searched throughout Thailand, and it is in Khanom he found a rare sense of peace and tranquility, not found anywhere else in the world.
Whether it is the ancient temple caves, the only are with Pink Dolphins, or the clean, no traffic air, once you visit, you will forever be changed.