March Schedule

Monday - 5pm - Yin Yoga with Gabe
Tuesday - 10am - BikYasa with Gabe 
Wednesday - 4pm - Zumba with PeeMai
Thursday - 10am - Flow Yoga with Gabe 
Friday - 4pm - Muay Thai with Saifon
Saturday - 10am - Ashtanga Improve with Gabe 
Sunday - 9am - Waterfall Hike - Meet at studio and drive to one of 5 waterfalls in Khanom.

WhatsApp 063-020-6242 or DM us on IG/FB @KhanomYoga

Please enjoy our Online Classes.

Khanom Yoga Online


Fun play of yoga sequences and poses.

Want to try a specific pose?
Tell the teacher and they will show you,

Hot 26

The class that healed a shattered knee.
Led by various recordings, while monitored by a Yoga Master practicing with you.

Yin Yoga 

A quiet yet challenging practice, targeting your knee, hip, and low back joints.


Improvised play on the traditional series.
Changes every time.
Inspired from Tim Miller teachings.

BikYasa Yoga

Fusion of Hot and Flow Yoga, modern music and silence.
Active vocabulary makes this class accessible to all levels. It gets your body sweating and healing.


Restorative Yoga 

A very quiet and rejuvenating practice. Poses held on pillows and towels for 10 minutes. Calm the heart and find peace of mind.

Now Available!

Inversion and Arm Balance workshop 
Yoga Classes

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Located next to Aava Resort & Spa

Khanom Yoga is located right on Naden Beach, where Aava Resort & Spa is.
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28/3 Moo 6 Nadan Beach Road, 80210, Khanom District, Nakhon Si Thammarat