Yoga has been around for thousands of years, and over time, various styles and practices have emerged. One of the newer styles is BikYasa Yoga, a unique style of yoga that combines the principles of Hot 26, Ashtanga-VinYasa, with modern music & silence. But where did the name come from, and what makes BikYasa Yoga so unique?

The Origins of BikYasa Yoga

The story of BikYasa Yoga begins 15 years ago when its founder, Gabriel (GabeYoga) Azoulay, was asked to teach a YinYasa Yoga workshop. Yin Yoga is a practice that involves holding poses for an extended period, while VinYasa is all about breath-connected movement. The founder realized that the term 'nYasa' in VinYasa means 'flow' in Sanskrit, and it sounded catchy, which led them to wonder why it was being used.

The founder of BikYasa Yoga, who had been teaching Yin Yoga since 2000, recognized that the intelligence and flow of musical notes combined are what 'nYasa' means in Sanskrit. They see their poses in Yin Yoga as having sequence intelligence, like a song. This insight inspired the founder to create a new style of yoga that combined the intelligence of hot 26 yoga poses with the flow of music.

As the founder worked on developing the new style of yoga, they recognized that the same 'nYasa' awareness could be applied to everything in BikYasa Yoga. From the silent moments to the modern Top-40 songs used, everything was connected. This realization led to the name 'BikYasa' being chosen, and although it lost the 'n' sound of 'nYasa,' the founder felt that most people in the yoga world today are unaware of this part of the word.

The Unique Features of BikYasa Yoga

One of the unique aspects of BikYasa Yoga is the incorporation of modern music. Gabriel recognized that many people were drawn to hot yoga because of the energetic music played during the classes. He believed that by combining modern music with traditional yoga, he could create a more inspiring and energizing experience. BikYasa Yoga classes feature a wide range of modern music, from pop hits to indie tracks, all carefully selected to complement the yoga poses and create an immersive experience.

BikYasa Yoga is also a therapeutic practice, incorporating healing poses that can help alleviate physical and emotional pain. The practice combines the silence of traditional yoga with the energizing power of modern music, creating a unique and transformative experience. The BikYasa sequence was originally 80 minutes long, but today, 60-minute classes are more popular. The founder has continued to refine the sequence and dialogue over the years, always striving to improve the BikYasa experience for his students.

The practice of BikYasa Yoga also incorporates the principles of Hot 26, which involves a series of 26 postures and two breathing exercises performed in a heated room. Ashtanga-VinYasa principles are also incorporated, which involves a series of poses performed in a specific sequence while synchronized with breath. Finally, Yin Yoga is included, which involves holding poses for an extended period. The incorporation of these different styles makes BikYasa Yoga a well-rounded practice that benefits both the mind and body.

Gabriel feels a sense of responsibility to ensure that BikYasa Yoga is practiced in a way that honors the intelligence and flow of traditional yoga. He wants BikYasa to be recognized as a practice that combines the best of both worlds - the ancient wisdom of yoga with the modern energy of music. To achieve this, he trains and certifies teachers in the BikYasa method, ensuring that they understand the philosophy and principles of the practice.

One of the other unique features of BikYasa Yoga is the use of hands-on assists. In traditional yoga, hands-on assists are common, but in some modern yoga styles, they have become less prevalent. BikYasa Yoga incorporates hands-on assists to help students deepen their practice and achieve proper alignment.

In addition to the physical benefits, BikYasa Yoga also emphasizes the importance of mindfulness and self-awareness. Students are encouraged to tune into their bodies and breath, and the practice can help reduce stress, anxiety, and depression.

Overall, BikYasa Yoga is a unique and innovative style of yoga that combines traditional yoga principles with modern music to create a transformative experience for practitioners. With its focus on sequence intelligence, hands-on assists, and mindfulness, BikYasa Yoga offers a holistic approach to yoga that benefits both the mind and body.


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