Opportunities for Yoga Teachers

Lead or Co-Lead a Yoga Retreat 




Complimentary accommodation for you and your partner.
Includes daily breakfast.
Retreats are held at the acclaimed Aava Resort & Spa.




Whether you co-lead or lead on your own, profit from revenue that comes in.
Khanom Yoga & Aava Resort market to email and social media.
You get unbeatable prices to offer your community.




Increase your visibility as you broaden your offerings.
Social media works best when it exposes others.
Get exposed in social media, web and articles. 


Lead or Co-Lead a Yoga Retreat at World Luxury Resort Winner


Grow your offering with Yoga Retreats!

Khanom Yoga is here to support you in organizing, marketing and running your Thailand Yoga Retreats.

Whether you want to bring your own group and receive the best rates possible, or you are looking for recognized International Master GabeYoga to support you, Khanom Yoga Team helps you navigate excursions, meals and accommodation at World Luxury Resort Winner Aava Resort & Spa.


Virtual Retreat Option

With Covid-19 barring easy travel to Thailand, let Khanom Yoga help you run your Zoom sessions.
Or join Khanom Yoga and co-lead the retreat with Virtual Options.


What are you waiting for?

Running a yoga retreat is a challenging yet incredibly rewarding opportunity.

Khanom Yoga understands the complexity behind organizing and marketing retreats.

We also know the daunting financial challenges that face yoga teachers.

You get the best rates, complimentary accommodation (regardless of group size) and profit sharing (when co-leading) or minimal deposit (when choosing to lead your own event).

What are you waiting for?

Email us and let's have a Yoga Retreat: [email protected]

Did you see the retreats that we have co-led? Click here for sample from Wellness and Yoga Retreat with Juan Manoy.