Wellness & Yoga Virtual Retreat

Insights into living the best life possible!
Wellness and Yoga recorded Virtual  Retreat with2 international Wellness and Yoga masters, Juan Manuel Olsina and Gabe Yoga.
Nutrition, Lifestyle and Yoga secrets.

2-for-1 Special

Juan Manuel Olsina

I’m originally from Argentina but currently I live in sunny Thailand. As a professional life and holistic health coach, I help improve my client’s lifestyles by providing advice on nutritionfitness, and yoga.

Over the last 10 years I have mastered these areas in my life. Through MEDEATATION (meditation + eat) , I’m excited to help people achieve their goals; whether it be losing weight or gaining muscle, improving their sleep, increasing the libido to enjoy their sexual life, de-stressing, or just developing a healthier and happier lifestyle. 

Gabe Yoga 

Gabe Yoga yoga career spans over 25 years. He first started the practice in 1994 after reading "Patanjali Yoga Sutras."
He connects Buddhist culture and ideas with the ancient philosophy of Yoga through lectures, training and teaching about Thai Yoga (using Thai Massage to help both giver and receiver).

With over 10 yers experience in Wellness, Health Coaching and Detox Master, Gabe Yoga is a world leader in helping people achieve their goals, you have the opportunity to spend 3 days improving all aspects of your life, WHILE releasing any negativity from 2020.


Virtual Wellness & Yoga Retreat.

Retreat was filmed in January 2021.

Sessions vary in length.
Meditations – about 30 minutes
Yoga – about 60-70 minutes
Workshop – 2 hours
Q&A Talks – 30 minutes

Detailed Topics: 

Welcome & Introductions

Sunset Yin Yoga with view of the Sunset over the mountains

Sunrise Meditation – view of the Sunrise over the ocean

Morning Yoga – BikYasa Yoga

Breakfast Talk – Do we need breakfast? What about Intermittent Fasting?

Sunset Yin Yoga

Sunrise beach walk meditation 

Workshop – The Meat Issue – exploration on the complexity of eating meat.

Sunset Yin Yoga

Morning Yoga - Gentle VinYasa 

Tips for Well Lived Life & Live Q&A

Location – Khanom Yoga Studio in South Thailand
28/3 Moo 6 Nadan Beach Road, 80210, Khanom District, Nakhon Si Thammarat 

Access replay videos in secure password section of KhanomYoga.com website.

Retreat for all level, any age participants.

All sessions are guided in English.

2 International Masters supporting you!

In this retreat, we help you understand and develop a critical mindset. Get insights about nutrition, such as intermittent fasting, vegan vs carnivore diets, ketogenic diets and nutrition for sports and performance.

With 2 speakers (GabeYoga and Juan), from different backgrounds, there are debates and different opinions, so in this way you realize that there shouldn't be black & whites, and that there can be "greys" in many topics, as we as human beings (the concept of human living, not just being) are all different and will require different nutritional approaches that adapt to our bodies, and not the other way round!


Dec 17-20, 2020

Your last yoga Retreat in 2020.
Find closure thru gratitude – sunrise Beach meditation, Yoga classes and workshop, Virtual Tour and Meditation in ancient Buddhist temples and caves!

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Jan 7-10, 2021

Establish the foundation for your 2021!
Wellness and Yoga retreat with 2 International Wellness and Yoga Masters.
Nutrition, movement and insights.

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