Thai Massage Heavenly Retreat   

Escape to serenity and rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul at the Thai Massage Heavenly Retreat with renowned practitioners David Roma and Gabriel Azoulay.

Join us from October 11-18, 2024 at the breathtaking Aava Resort & Spa for a transformative experience, brought to you in collaboration with Khanom Yoga.

Elevate Your Well-Being: A Holistic Thai Massage Retreat:

Join us for more than just a physical fitness escape; immerse yourself in a holistic wellness experience that intertwines mindfulness, cultural immersion, and sustainable well-being. Set against the serene landscapes of Khanom, our retreat is meticulously crafted to unwind, re-energize, and provide profound insights into a balanced and healthy lifestyle.

Indulge in Luxury at Aava Resort & Spa:

Your retreat unfolds within the lap of luxury at the prestigious Aava Resort & Spa, a recipient of the World Luxury Resort award. Step into this enchanting haven and embark on a unique holistic journey. 

What will your Thai Massage Heavenly Retreat Retreat look like?

Imagine your daily experience at the Thai Massage Retreat:

Start your mornings with the serenity of a sunrise beach walk, transitioning into invigorating sessions of Morning Yoga class or Nature activity.

Afternoon Thai Massage workshops, guiding participants through the healing magic that is Thai Massage.

Enjoy evening Yin Yoga sessions that offer a deep insight into how you feel and what you experienced that day.

Spend time with two of the world leading Thai Massage teachers, around the beach, restaurant or pool.

Beyond the retreat space, exciting excursions await, ranging from adventurous Waterfall Hikes to the enchanting Pink Dolphin Tours. Your journey to well-being is not only about rejuvenating your body but also about expanding your horizons through diverse experiences.

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Sample View into a Daily Schedule

Your Thai Massage Heavenly Retreat is filled with Yoga, Nature, Excursions, and Private Time.

David and Gabriel are excited to serve any level of the participants.

Daily Schedule:

Day 1: Arrival

- 18:30: Warm Welcome and Introduction

- 17:30: Evening Yin Yoga Class with Meditation

- 19:00: Dinner

Day 2: Explore and Energize

- 7:00: Morning Sunrise Walk Meditation

- 8:30: Active Yoga Class

- 9:30: Breakfast

- 11:30: David Intro to Thai Massage workshop (2 hours)

- 16:30: Evening Partner Stretch and Meditation

- 19:00: Dinner

Day 3: Wellness and Nature

- 8:30: Morning Yoga Class

- 9:30: Breakfast

- 11:00: Fish Spa and Mother of Buddha Cave Temple Visit

- 16:30: Yin & Thai Yoga and Meditation

- 19:00: Dinner

Day 4: Adventure Day

- 8:30: Pink Dolphin Tour

- Box Breakfast

- 14:00: Gabriel Thai Massage for Personal Healing Workshop

- 19:00: Dinner

Day 5: Energy Day

- 8:30: Active Yoga Class

- 9:30: Breakfast

- 11:00: David & Gabriel Energy in Thai Massage Workshop

- 16:30: Yin Yoga and Chakras Class

- 19:00: Dinner

Day 6: Mind-Body Connection

- 9:30: Breakfast

- 11:00: Thai Massage that you can easily take home 

- 16:30: Evening Thai Massage play and Closing Circle Meditation

- 19:30: Dinner with Thai Lantern Ceremony

Day 7: Reflect and Bid Farewell

- 8:30: Gentle Yoga Class

- 9:30: Breakfast & Final Goodbyes

- Free Time till Check-Out

Schedule may be changed.

The excursions also offer a learning experiece.

The Waterfall hike where you can make loads of Yoga Pose selfies with Nature and Waterfall.

The 3 temple caves tour gives insight into Buddhism, Spiritual Powers, and How ideas travels from India across Asia. 

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Retreat Also Includes:

+ Local Airport pick up and return from Nakhon Si Thammarat Airport (NST) 

+ Accommodation at Aava Resort & Spa 

+ Breakfast & Dinner Buffet Style Meals

+ All Yoga, Workshops, Lectures and Activities

Closing ceremony

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Early Bird Special

Oct 11 - 18, 2024

Your Thai Massage Heavenly Retreat includes:

  • King Size Bedroom (double accomodation)
  • One Spa Session
  • Pool & Beach Access¬†

  • Pink Dolphin, Waterfall¬†or any other Activity.

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Your Guides:

David Roma

David Roma emerges as a luminary in the realm of Thai Massage, embodying over two decades of expertise as a practitioner and instructor. His journey into the art of Traditional Thai Massage commenced during his tenure as a pilot in Bangkok, where he found in it not only a healing modality but a pathway to blissful well-being.

As an instructor, David choreographs classes with profound techniques, urging practitioners to be present and effective, embracing the art of slowness. His teachings go beyond the physical, emphasizing mindfulness, intuition, and good intentions as essential elements of true Thai massage practice.

Embark on a transformative journey with David Roma, as he not only shares his extensive knowledge but elevates Thai Massage to an art form. Whether you're a beginner or seasoned practitioner, David invites you to embrace each breath, pose, and transition‚ÄĒan empowering exploration of Thai Massage for holistic well-being.

Read More about David on his website: Roma Thai Yoga


Gabriel is a distinguished figure in the world of Thai Massage, bringing a decade of expertise and a profound commitment to holistic well-being. Trained under the guidance of Master Pichest Boonthume, Gabriel's journey in Thai Massage is a fusion of traditional techniques and contemporary wellness philosophy.

As a practitioner, Gabriel transcends the ordinary, infusing each session with an intuitive dance of energy and a deep understanding of the body's intricate connections. His approach extends beyond physical relief, delving into the emotional and energetic dimensions of well-being.

Gabriel's passion for Thai Massage transforms into an educational mission as he shares his wisdom in workshops and retreats. Beyond the massage table, he unfolds the narrative of well-being, emphasizing the profound connection between mindful movement, traditional healing arts, and the philosophy of Thai Massage.

Read More about Gabriel on his Website:

Aava Resort & Spa - World Luxury Resort Winner

Affordable Luxury Hot Yoga Retreat in Secret Paradise

Over the pandemic the quiet paradise known as Khanom has been discovered by both local and international community.
Khanom Yoga director and program leader has been leading retreats and trainings here since 2012.
While Nature is abundant throughout Thailand, Khanom offers a rare sense of peace and tranquility, not found anywhere else in the world.
Whether it is the ancient temple caves, the only are with Pink Dolphins, or the clean, no traffic air, once you visit, you will forever be changed.