Xmas Special

Dec 17-20, 2020 & Jan 7-10, 2021
Two retreats for the price of ONE!


2020 was a very odd year! 
These retreats will change that!

Dec 17-20 is the last Yoga Virtual Retreat in 2020, where beach and ancient temple meditation clears the tension from the year that is about to pass.

Jan 7-10, 2021, is a Wellness and Yoga Virtual Retreat led by 2 international masters who intend to give you all the tools and insights to make your year the most remarkable yet!

Get access to both retreats on this Black Friday Weekend!

Dec 17-20, 2020

Your last yoga Retreat in 2020.
Find closure thru gratitude – sunrise Beach meditation, Yoga classes and workshop, Virtual Tour and Meditation in ancient Buddhist temples and caves!

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Jan 7-10, 2021

Establish the foundation for your 2021!
Wellness and Yoga retreat with 2 International Wellness and Yoga Masters.
Nutrition, movement and insights.

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You are our biggest concern!

Khanom Yoga was opened to provide you with the best opportunities to grow, heal and experience the best that life can offer.
These retreats have been carefully planned and organized.
The facilitators are world class masters who have been teaching all over the world for years before Covid closed them in Asia.
Khanom is one of Thailand most beautiful undeveloped beaches.
You get 3 day access to views, content and masters when you sign up.
Any questions, concerns or aspiration, you can write them before or after retreat!
Don't miss this invaluable opportunity.