Yoga Teacher and Wellness Coach Training

Empower your Students, Transform your Life!  

A Unique program that takes Yoga Teaching to the next Level

“It is so much fun to do the impossible” said Walt Disney.

“I did not think it would be impossible to learn how to teach in 5 days, but GabeYoga knew it was possible.”
Jen - 2019 Graduate

Applied Nutrition and Wellness for Modern Times.

You learn far more than just How to Teach 3 of the top Yoga styles today - you learn the value of public speaking, proper anatomy training, in-depth Chinese meridian theory, Yin Yoga, Hot and Flow Yoga.

Learn what is Bio-Individuality, Primary vs Secondary Food, and how a 
Wellness Coach provides longer lasting value for your students and clients.

For over 15 years GabeYoga has been transforming students lives by showing them it is possible to learn how to stand up and TEACH.

Ever since 2016 he has also helped selected students discover how to use their yoga teacher knowledge and apply it holistically as a Wellness Coach. A person who applied nutrition understanding, with yogic knowledge and incredible listening skills. The 3 features that tend to be missing in many nutrition counselors.

Module 1 (Flow) covers:

  • How to stand and communicate effectively. This involves a script, yet much more
  • What is “active based vocabulary” and why ALL great teachers use it
  • Where did BikYasa draw this sequence from and WHY?
  • Why we use mirrors and the power of working together 
  • Anatomy of each pose and how the script gives you all the information you and your student need
  • Modification for pregnancy, elders and challenged bodies 
  • How to "own" the (and any) room 
  • How to build immediate trust between you and your students
  • Learn the 5 principles for preventative maintenance Yoga class
  • In depth philosophy and yoga history from Patanjali to Modern time
  • What is “ashtanga” and what do the primary and second series teach you about sequencing 
  • How to add arm balance and inversions into your class

Module 2 (Yin Yoga) covers:

  • WHY did Yin yoga appear in the yoga world and who are Paul Grilley, Pauline Zink and Dr Hitoshi Motoyama
  • Western Anatomy, Chinese meridian theory and the 3 body yoga theory
  • The 3 most important yin poses along with all lower and upper body yin yoga poses
  • How to sequence any yin class as well as any yoga class
  • How to weave spiritual humor, stories and Sufi poetry into your classes

Module 3 (Wellness Coaching) covers:

  • Why is a Wellness Coach is such an important role in today’s confusing and overwhelming nutritional (mis)information 
  • What is Bio-Individuality and the 4 Primary Foods
  • How to guide clients through the maze of secondary foods 
  • All about greens, proteins and carbohydrates 
  • The value of fruits and vegetables
  • Sugar blues and consequences of sugar 
  • What is the ideal food pyramid
  • How to empower your client and allow them to recognize that they know what is best for them
  • The role of a coach
  • How to manage eating habits and support clients that go overboard.

Module 4 (business and beyond) covers:

  • What is the Yoga Alliance requirements
  • How to find yoga classes, create workshops and promote events
  • How to lead an intro wellness a session and get your client to sign a 3 months contract
  • What contracts you need (you are provided with them as well)
  • How to build your Yoga and Wellness brand
  • How to lead community lectures - you are provided with 3 sample lectures that include the Power Point slides 
  • How to lead Wellness events at Yoga Studios (and other centers

What a Training Day Looks Like

As intense as this training is, it is filled with Nature, Educational Excursions, and Private Time.

This schedule has been devised over a 25 years period  leading teacher training, by a Yoga Master with with degrees in Psychology, Nutrition and Coaching.

7am - Green Juice
7:30am - Sun Salutation 
8am - Yoga Class
 Practice(starting day 6, trainees will begin teaching this class)
9:30am - Breakfast
10:30am - Training Session
1pm - Lunch
2pm - Personal/Study Time
3-6 - Training Session
6pm - Dinner
7-8pm - Group Review Session/Yoga Documentaries

The excursions are learning sessions in a fun setting.

The waterfall hike you will also review Social Media marketing, Branding and Yoga Business.

Pink Dolphin Tour gives insight into Buddhism, Spiritual Powers, and How ideas travels from India across Asia.

The 3 temple caves tour offers a real life view into the ideas and history you are learning in your training.

Start Learning Today

This training includes a complete Digital Library with:

  • Pose Sequence Flash Cards for Yin Yoga, BikYasa Yoga, VinYasa Yoga 
  • Audio and Video Class Recordings for practice and teaching insight
  • Yoga Documentaries
  • Script for Hot Yoga, Yin Yoga and Flow Yoga
  • Edited videos of Yoga Masters sharing insight into practice, philosophy and teaching.

Get Access to this Digital Library the minute you Sign Up

Start Learning the Hot Yoga Dialogue and Rock your first Yoga Class on day 6!

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Bonus: Teach SUP Yoga! 

SUP - Stand Up Paddle - Yoga training is more than just having fun outside.

Learn how to cue, guide and lead poses and tours on a SUP Board.

Learn on our South Thailand Sunrise beach, as well as indoors at our studio.

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Accommodation, breakfast, juices and all digital material.

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Yoga Teacher Training & Wellness Coach Program

Intensive program

March 10 - 31, 2023
May 12 - 31, 2023

Material includes digital library that will serve you for Life.

This program offers the most comprehensive Digital Material to ensure your knowledge, teaching skills, and philosophical insights.

Experience YouTube clips of Yoga masters living and gone.

Get exposed to styles, modern application, and lifetime insights through documentaries, audio sessions and reading material.

You also receive:

- Complete dialogue for 90 and 60 minute classes.
- All Wellness Coach forms and contracts
- Detailed breakdown for each Wellness Coach session with your client.

- Yin Yoga sequences for knees, hips and low back
- VinYasa foundation and Ashtanga principles.
- Meridian Science sheets for east reference.
- Flash sequence cards.
- Detailed mini videos for over 35 poses.
- Much, Much, more...

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+ Flow Module - Learn Flow style - which teaches you how to stand and communicate with your words. Learn the 5 principles that make great yoga teacher.

+ Yin Yoga Module - Journey into Western Anatomy and Chinese Medical Theory. Foundation into history and evolution of modern Yoga and Energy theory.

+ Wellness Coaching Module - All about the process and skills of changing life through Wellness Coaching.

+ Business and Functional Anatomy - How to build a Yoga and Wellness client base, Marketing and leading classes and lectures.



Certified Yoga & Wellness Coach

  • 200hr Yoga Alliance Approved Yoga Teacher Certificate
  • Wellness Coach Certificate
  • All Modules - Flow, Yin, Wellness Coach and Business.

  • Complete Digital Library with videos, books and training manual.

  • Spa Treatment
  • Breakfast 
  • Accommodation at Luxury Resort (other options available)
  • 1 Year access to Khanom Yoga Online,

  • LifeTime support with Khanom Yoga - come teach, run retreats, hold workshops

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Digital Library

Complete digital library of all materials, pose videos, recorded lectures, yoga classes and much, much more.


Yoga Teacher Training is an incredible lifelong opportunity. Whether you want to grow in your practice or you wish to stand up and teach, this program will give you the skills and knowledge you seek.

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Khanom Beach is Thailand's Secret Paradise

Over the pandemic the quiet paradise known as Khanom has been discovered by both local and international community.
Khanom Yoga director and program leader has been leading retreats and trainings here since 2012.
While Nature is abundant throughout Thailand, Khanom offers a rare sense of peace and tranquility, not found anywhere else in the world.
Whether it is the ancient temple caves, the only are with Pink Dolphins, or the clean, no traffic air, once you visit, you will forever be changed.