Khanom Yoga SUP & Tours  

We at Khanom Yoga want to show you the best that Khanom has to offer. 
Cave temples, Mangrove bays, Waterfall hikes, Mountain View points, and ocean side lunches.

In collaboration with a local SUP & Kayak rentals, each tour includes:
- Transport & SUP Board handling
- SUP paddle lesson
- Assistance in pictures
- Basic SUP yoga 
- Mindfulness moments
- Exquisite Natural Beauty
- Insight into Thai culture
- Lunch stop at a beach-front restaurant


River Tour
SUP on the River with Fish Spa

You have seen those Fish Spa aquariums, this River Tour gives you the REAL thing!
- You spend 30 minutes paddling along the river, then relax while your feet receive a natural cleanse.
- Enjoy lunch at a beach side restaurant.


Pictures and more

Mangrove Bay Tour
SUP along Khanom Bay

Thailand natural mangroves are a sight to be seen.
- You get a front seat view as you paddle around the bay.
- See the secret channel to the open water fishing village.
- Walk along the natural wooden bridge that extends over the bay.
- Experience the cave dedicated to the Dragon that protected the Buddha when he meditated.
- Enjoy lunch at a beach side restaurant.


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SUP Yoga 
Yoga on Board in Nadan Beach

After a small paddle, experience the joy of Yoga on a SUP Board.
- Private or small group allows for experimentation and picture worthy moments.
- Overlook the mountains of Khanom, or the horizon toward Ko Samui, this is one of a kind experience.


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Ancient Temple Cave Tour
Mindfulness in Action

While Khanom has 2 large Tourist attraction caves, You will visit 2 of the unknown ancient temple caves.
- One cave is actually a temple cave in memory of Buddha's Mother.
- The second cave is dedicated to the snake Ananda that protected the Buddha when he reached Nirvana.
- Included is a walking meditation along a wooden bridge over looking Khanom mangrove bay.
- Lunch at a local beach front restaurant.


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Grand Canyon & The Original Fish Spa Trail

Yes! A Grand Canyon right here in Khanom.
Khanom is also known for natural River Fish Spa (see our SUP River Tour).
You get to go to the original area, today mostly visited by locals and forgotten by Tourist groups.
With an ancient cement trail through the forest, it is an unforgettable excursion.
Enjoy lunch among the mangroves, over looking Ko Samui island.


Pictures and more

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In collaboration with the Acclaimed Aava Resort & Spa

Accommodation, meals and bonus suana sessions.

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200hr Yoga Teacher Training Program
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Intense 3 week program

Coming in 2022.

Live sessions, with digital recorded material that will serve you for Life.

This program offers the most comprehensive Digital Material to ensure your knowledge, teaching skills, and philosophical insights.

Edited YouTube clips of Yoga masters living and gone.

Get exposed to styles, modern application, and lifetime insights through documentaries, audio sessions and reading material.

You also receive:

- BikYasa complete dialogue for 90 and 60 minute classes.
- Yin Yoga sequences for knees, hips and low back
- VinYasa foundation and Ashtanga principles.
- Meridian Science sheets for east reference.
- Flash sequence cards
- Detailed mini videos for over 35 poses.
- Much, Much, more...

Want to create your own tour?

Let us help you build the trip or excursion you wish.
Whether it is paddling around Nadan Beach, or heading to the waterfalls around Khanom, we known all of the large and small attractions around here, as well as all the beaches and lakes between Khanom and Sichon.

Feel free to email us to: [email protected]

Want to Teach SUP Yoga? 

SUP - Stand Up Paddle - Yoga training is more than just having fun outside.

Learn how to cue, guide and lead poses and tours on a SUP Board.

Learn on our South Thailand Sunrise beach, as well as indoors at our studio.

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+ BikYasa Module - 7 days - BikYasa teaches you how to stand and communicate with your words. Learn the 5 principles that make great yoga teacher.

+ Yin Yoga Module - 5 days - Journey into Western Anatomy and Chinese Medical Theory. Foundation into history and evolution of modern Yoga and Energy theory.

+ VinYasa Module - 7 days - The art of sequencing, who is Patanjali, and how to create a class for any population.

+ Business and Functional Anatomy - 3 days - How do you take your Yoga teaching to the next level? Business insights and practical anatomy application for all walks of life.



200hr Yoga Alliance Certification

  • 200hr Yoga Alliance Approved Yoga Teacher Certificate
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  • Complete Digital Library with videos, books and training manual.

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