Boosting our Yoga Teacher Training Marketing with the Help of ChatGPT

Apr 24, 2023

While working with GabeYoga and Empowered Yoga studio in Perth, we recently launched a marketing campaign to promote our yoga teacher training program. We wanted to reach a wider audience and generate more interest in our program. To help us achieve this, we decided to turn to ChatGPT, a large language model trained by OpenAI.

Day 1: Facebook Ads and A/B Testing

ChatGPT suggested that we start with Facebook ads and A/B testing. We created an ad with an image of a person doing yoga and text overlay that read "Become a certified yoga teacher in Perth with Gabe Yoga." We then tested two different versions of this ad: one with a blue background and white text, and another with a white background and blue text.

We ran the ads for 24 hours and collected the results. ChatGPT helped us analyze the data and determine which version of the ad performed better. We found that the ad with the blue background and white text had a higher click-through rate and generated more interest in our program.

Day 2: Influencer Marketing and Social Media Posts

On the second day, ChatGPT suggested that we focus on influencer marketing and social media posts. We reached out to several yoga influencers in Perth and asked them to share our program with their followers. ChatGPT helped us craft a message that would be compelling to the influencers and their followers.

In addition to influencer marketing, ChatGPT also suggested that we make regular social media posts to promote our program. We created a post with an image of our studio and text overlay that read "Transform your mind, body, and soul with Gabe Yoga in Perth." ChatGPT helped us come up with hashtags that would be relevant to our target audience.


Thanks to ChatGPT's guidance, we were able to successfully promote our yoga teacher training program and generate more interest in our studio. Our Facebook ad generated a 20% increase in click-through rate compared to our previous ads. Our influencer marketing efforts reached over 10,000 people, resulting in several sign-ups for our program. Our social media posts received high engagement from our followers, with many expressing interest in attending our program.


Using ChatGPT was an innovative and effective way to boost our marketing efforts. It helped us develop a comprehensive marketing strategy that included Facebook ads, A/B testing, influencer marketing, and social media posts. We were able to reach a wider audience and generate more interest in our program, ultimately leading to more sign-ups and a more successful campaign. We highly recommend using ChatGPT for anyone looking to improve their marketing efforts.

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