Unveiling Tranquility: Yoga, Fitness & Wellness Retreat with GabeYoga  and Ben, March 23-29, 2024

Dec 08, 2023

Awaken Your Soul, Ignite Your Spirit, and Embrace Holistic Wellness with the Masters in Khanom

In the heart of Southern Thailand lies Khanom, an untouched haven where the serene beauty of golden sunrises over turquoise waters meets the vibrant energy of Yoga, Fitness & Wellness.
From March 23 to March 29, 2024, Khanom Yoga proudly presents a transformative retreat, an extraordinary journey crafted to rejuvenate your body, calm your mind, and soothe your soul.

Why Khanom?

Discover the world's top-secret paradise at Khanom Beach, a haven of golden sands and swaying coconut trees.
Here, tranquility meets adventure, inviting you to find your center in the embrace of nature.

Holistic Wellness at its Pinnacle

More than a fitness retreat, our program is a holistic exploration curated by none other than wellness expert Gabriel (GabeYoga) and fitness professional Ben.
Embrace the magic of sunrise meditation walks, the invigorating flow of Active Yoga, and the soothing embrace of Yin Yoga, all set against Khanom's breathtaking backdrop.

Explore the Unseen with the Masters

Beyond the mat, Khanom offers cultural wonders and natural marvels. Gabriel (GabeYoga), a leading wellness expert with over 30 years of experience, will guide you to the mesmerizing Mother of Buddha Cave Temple. The adventure continues with Ben, offering an insightful introduction to Muay Boran – a unique Thai martial art.

Culinary Delights and Self-Discovery

Engage in a culinary journey with our Cooking Class, led by Wellness Professional GabeYoga.
Balance your mind and body in the Yoga-Fitness-Muay Boran Combo Class, a fusion of energies encapsulating Khanom's spirit – vibrant and diverse.

Luxury Meets Tranquility with Award-Winning Resort

Your retreat unfolds at the award-winning Aava Resort & Spa, a sanctuary of luxury amid the serene landscapes of Khanom. Engage in daily sessions at our bespoke yoga studio, Aava Yoga Deck, and the Khanom Yoga Beach platform. Allow the tranquil sunrise and magical full moon to guide your meditation, creating an ambiance of serenity and introspection.

Xmas and New Year Special: Unlock a Special Retreat Rate!

As a festive delight, we're unwrapping a special gift for you! Dive into the joy of the holiday season and secure your retreat spot before January 2nd to enjoy an exclusive rate of only $1099. Embrace the spirit of Christmas and step into the New Year with us, culminating in a serene Thai Lantern Ceremony on March 6th.

This isn't just a retreat; it's a gift to yourself. Reserve your spot today, unwrap the magic of Khanom, and let the festivities continue with a journey of holistic wellness and self-discovery. 

[Special Rate applicable for bookings made before January 2nd]

Call to Transformation with the Masters

Khanom Yoga's Yoga, Fitness & Wellness Retreat is an invitation to transform, guided by Gabriel Azoulay and Ben – two exceptional providers in the realm of well-being. Reserve your spot for this extraordinary journey and gift yourself the transformative power of Khanom.

This is more than a retreat; it's a pledge to your well-being. Secure your place today and let Khanom be the backdrop to your path of self-discovery and holistic wellness. 

[Book Now] and step into the journey of a lifetime!

[Retreat Dates: March 23-29, 2024 and Special Rate applicable for bookings made before January 2nd]